Thursday, February 15, 2007

New On-Line Selling Venue!

I have sold stuff via Ebay for about 6 or 7 years now, off and on, mostly off, but lately very on. While surfing the Ebay Community Boards I found out about a totally free venue to sell stuff, you can also buy stuff from there which isn't free. so far is Totally free to set up a store and start selling stuff. They don't charge a monthly fee to keep the store open, they don't charge final sale fees upon conclusion of the sale, they don't charge listing fees. The only fees they charge are premium fees for sellers who want to have their items featured at the very beginning of search pages. They have some sort of partnership with Google Check Out service which I need to check out the details about before doing it. Some in the Ebay forum have said that their sales are greater there than over at Ebay. Of course you have to promo the heck out of your store to generate traffic, many use their Ebay About Me page to do that (That seems to be one of the few places that Ebay allows outside links on).

So the next few days I will try to figure out how to work with that system, I've got a ton of collectible stuff that I want to unload, and the more I can get for it the better.

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