Friday, March 09, 2007

March Madness!

Hmm Have I mentioned in this that I don't watch or care about the sport of Basketball, or the whole championship series called "March Madness"? I used to watch it some as a kid and liked the Washington Bullets (They began as the Baltimore Bullets), but then they moved from the "Capital Center" which was later renamed "USAir Arena" and in 2002 was demolished to make way for a shopping center, which now has one of those Magic Johnson's Movie Multiplex Theatres) in Laural, MD to the "DC Convention Center" (Then to another newer Convention Center I think) in Washington DC which was later renamed "The MCI Center" and then when Verizon bought MCI it was renamed "The Verizion Center". The Bullets changed their name to the Washington Wizards somewhere before the MCI Center name, to be more PC so as not to promote gun violence. So I stopped watching Basketball seriously sometime in the late 1970s around the time that Michael Jordan was making a name for himself, and the uniforms were becoming long baggy skirts with untucked shirts instead of shirts tucked into shorts. Maybe I shouldn't mention the uniform change because people might think I'm gay, but these modern "basketball shorts" that are baggy and look like gaucho skirts are the ugliest thing to come to sports uniforms since boxing sparing head gear. I got the biggest kick one time by seeing a video of some high school kid tripping on his "shorts" as they were falling down, served him right for trying to run around in a baggy skirt.

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