Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Benatar on Young And Restless Take Two

PAT & NEIL on The Young & The Restless (February 14 - 15, 2008)

Well I managed to video tape the Valentines Day and the day after episodes of the soap opera The Young and The Restless with a brief appearance by Pat Benatar and Husband Neil Giraldo (whom they only called by Neil, 'Spyder' or Pat's Husband, usually when Pat would say "My Husband"). I didn't know how much screen-time they would have, but I knew it wouldn't be much more than a cameo. Thursday's Valentines Day episode was just that a very brief cameo not even a full minute I think, near the end of the episode, just to set up the scenario and act as a teaser for the next episode. The second episode had more screen-time for them and was spread though-out the episode. Anyway the character that Pat ends up helping to get over her stage fright is a character played by Nia Peeples (of Fame fame) a singer in her own right. I didn't realize that was who it was until I double checked on imdb.com to find out which character was who. I thought I had seen her before but couldn't place her. Well now I know. Apparently she (Nia) is coming out with a new album soon, or did, or Y&R fans want one (and some apparently don't, it seems she sings the same song over and over on the show). So I guess the following week Nia's character managed OK with her stage fright thanks to Pat. Near the end of the episode Pat sang an acoustic abbreviated version of the song Every Time I Fall Back, originally from the 1993 Gravity's Rainbow Album of course with Neil on G'tar. It seems the formula for the show is to end each episode with some sort of bluesy jazzy warm fuzzy lovey dovey feeling song.

I found a brief interview/pre-airing article here http://www.buddytv.com where Pat and Neil talk about their experience on the show. That is also where I snagged the on-set pic from.

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