Monday, February 25, 2008

Short Month And Avatars

OK so I haven't done much here for February. Partly because I have been stage managing a show. It should be one of the last times I ever stage manage, I am sick of doing Tech work in theatre. I'll stick with acting and directing thank you very much. Anyway to make up for lack of activity. I will post a couple of "caricatures" of me, I made this month, from a couple of websites that make fun avatars.

First up (and not very flattering since I couldn't find a good enough match for me there) is the Become an M&M ( ) attempt.

I don't think they have enough options for some of the characteristics. And you have to have gloves, weird.

Then I tried to go to LegoLand ( ) but got stuck in the TARDIS.

Me as a mix-matched Doctor Who.
So maybe I don't make a good M&M (at least not the peanut version, maybe I should have used the plain version. My Lego-me doesn't look to swell either, but I like it OK. They really don't have much in the way of costumes for them. OH WELL.

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