Saturday, September 27, 2008

100th UGH!

A couple of days ago it was the Seattle Mariners who got the dubious dishonor of getting their 100th loss of the season. Well after last night's rained-out "Fan Appreciation" game (in DC which was to be vs. The Florida Marlins) was canceled before it had a chance to start, the Washington Nationals went to Philli and got their 100th loss of the season. Last season all the naysayers were saying the Nats would lose 100 games that season well last year they only lost 89 and were in 4th not 5th place. Well this season they are still in last (5th place) and will finish with a minimum of 100 losses with 102 maximum loses (Last night's rained out game means they will only have 161 games played not 162)

Rigth now the Mariners have 101 loses with 2 more games to play I guess, I know the nationals play the PITA Phillies two more times. Hopefully the Nats can pull one or two wins this weekend. The only other team in danger of losing 100 games is the San Diego Padres, at 97 loses but with just 2 more games they squeak under 100.

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