Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting Psyched for NCIS Night.

I decided I needed to get psyched for NCIS on Tuesday, since the DVDSpot.com news was sooooo horrible. But the Refugee site is building up fast. As one of the posts on the old site said something to the effect "Rome was destoryed in a day" (or"Fell in one day"). So I thought I'd cheer myself up by looking for a babe to post a pic of. So How about a pic of Pauley Perrette who Plays Abby Sciuto on NCIS. I found this one with a google search. It came from a myspace page that claims to be Pauley herself. Well I'm not 100% sold on that since many people try to impersonate celebs on myspace. Some celebs are there but I'm not sure if this one is the real McCoy. I'm almost tempted to try to "friend" her to find out, but how would I know? I know she used to have a personal blog, and then an official blog on CBS.com well about a year ago, both were abandoned due to wacko stalker type people. She might think I was one, oh well, I guess I'll never know. Now I'm not even sure if it is her in the pic, if it is her maybe she'll see this and let me know? Ha! RIGHT!Here is "Pauley" with Hugh Hefner. As a Playboy Bunny? Whaaaaaah? Hubba Hubba!

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