Friday, February 26, 2010

Max Headroom Coming to DVD

Well It's About Bloody Time!

Matt Frewer as Max Headroom

From an email I got from I got the heads up that one of my favorite Mid-1980s Sci-Fi television dramas is coming to DVD. Yes Finally MAX HEADROOM (20 Minutes Into The Future) is coming to DVD legitimately. Here is a blurb on it Max-Headroom DVDs Planned.

Matt Frewer and Amanda Pays

Max Headroom is a computer generated image (with assistance from scanned images of Matt Frewer in prosthetic make-up) that in the plot of the series a teenage computer whiz-kid created. I won't go into details of the series just yet here at least not in this post.

The character of Max Headroom first started out in Coca-Cola commercials in the US and I understand that previously in the UK he was a VJ host of some kind. Anyway first a British Made TV Plot was filmed (It was available on VHS it is long out-of-print) then a US television series was made.

This soon to be released DVD is for the US series. I hope that they include the original UK Pilot, or at least soon release that to DVD. There was even a Max Headroom talkshow after the US TV series died out way too soon, hopefully that will see the laser-light of DVD sometime soon.

So soon we will be able to toss back a few Zic-Zac cola's and skip the blipverts. Now Disney has to release Song of the South to DVD and my world will be back on track.

Release date is scheduled to be 10 August, 2010.

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