Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Wacky Yahoo Word: Repturl

Gotta love those code words that Yahoo (or is it Google?) randomly comes up with when you enter some comment on someone elses blog, or you sign-in from some odd site somewhere. Well my latest blog-worthy weird word was "repturl". It made me think of these aliens from a Doctor Who book story or two. They were a warrior race of turtle-like creatures.

The aliens are actually called "Chelonian". They are lead by a great "mother" who is referred to as a "he". It has been several years since I've read these books. Doing a little research it looks like "The Highest Science" by Gareth Roberts was published first in 1993 then "Zamper" by the same author was published in 1995. I have read both books, but I think Zamper is the one I most remember vaguely more of than the other. These creatures have appeared in other Doctor Who Stories. In my research they were in an early script for what would become the TV Episode "Planet Of The Dead". They were replaced by the fly-like creatures called Tritovore. At least that is what I made of some of the info I gleamed from The Doctor Who Wiki website.

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