Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The internet's little annoyances.

ARGH! Don't you just hate when a website, service or browser you have used forever makes a sudden unannounced change that you can't opt out of?

Take the latest annoyance from Google.

I am talking about the blue bar with this blue bar:

As far as I can tell there is no way to remove the advertising blue bar that wants you to start using Google Plus and ignore anything you are enjoying with the standard Google. Once you start using the regular Google search the thing goes away until you click refresh, or in my case go back to your browser's home page because I have Google set as my Home page.

I use the latest version of Firefox with AdBlock Plus and that doesn't hide the dang thing yet, that I know of.

When will the programers for major internet programs/applications realize that making sudden unannounced changes with no opt out feature really pisses of your customers/users?

UPDATE: Weird my machine at work doesn't show the bar. I thought I had the same settings for both home and work 'puters. Maybe the extra security blockers that my company's firewalls block out have something to do with it. More likely it hasn't hit my work computer yet.

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