Sunday, November 27, 2011

Need to catch up on Book Reviews

I have really fallen behind in my book reviewing. I have 13 books that I have read over the last year and a half (closer to almost two years) that I have not written a "recent read" for. I am trying to catch up on that the next two I have the drafts set up with the book cover image and the publication history info I like to include at the end but I don't have the book quote or the actual review written. So technically the next several reviews will not be "a recent read". Maybe I should do away with the "recent" bit and not bother with numbering my reviews... I might do that when it hits #20. I don't want to have juggle with two review lists the other one would be something like "a classic read" or "a not so recent read" but I'm sure I would soon get confused and also confuse anyone who bothers reading my reviews.

So I will probably just have to title the future reviews as whatever the book title is plus "review" and forget about being anal retentive with numbers.

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