Monday, May 27, 2013

Myka Monday: Help Save Warehouse 13

I know my blog doesn't get too many visitors and it probably won't get the attention needed to make a difference but in light of the news that SyFy is CANCELLING Warehouse 13 after a very very short only six episodes Season 5, I am doing my part to try to help save the show. My favorite character (well one of many, but one of the main reasons I watch the show) is Myka Bering played by the lovely Canadian Lass Joanne Kelly. I will try every Monday, the night that Warehouse 13 is aired*, to post a new picture of Joanne.

For this first installment of this (hopefully) regular feature. I will show the source picture for my Myka Monday Logo.
(image from:
I would really like them to reconsider and RENEW the show for a FULL SEASON FIVE and BEYOND. WH13 is the type of show that could easily be a 10 Season show if given the chance.

I'm working on getting a few of these queued up to insure that I have more than just this lone one installment.
*The first season or two Warehouse 13 was on Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM I think. Now in the next to last Season 4 it airs Monday Nights at 10:00 PM. Last season it was at 9:00 PM.

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