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Warehouse 13 Wednesday: 4.13 The Big Snag

EPISODE 4.13: "The Big Snag"
Original Air Date: 13 May 2013
Pete: "The Black and White goes on forever, and everything smells like fudge."

 Warning: this review may contain spoilers
This past Monday 27 May 2013 was Memorial Day in the US so SyFy in their tradition of airing those original Insect-Dinosaur-Alien-Franken-Monster ZZ-Grade movies instead of regular episodes of any series on holidays, Didn't show an episode of Warehouse 13. So I will review the WH13 episode from two weeks ago since I already reviewed last week's episode and I am not yet ready to review past episodes from the DVDs (ancient artifact memory or lack of and all that). The next new episode has the long expected semi-annual return of H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray)

Episode thirteen of season four "The Big Snag" aired on 13 May 2013, this episode starts off with the illusion of being one of those stuck in the warehouse episodes, but really isn't. Pete and Myka are in the depths of the warehouse capturing static electricity balls with the use of an artifact, apparently the energy of all the artifacts occasionally creates minor problems like static electricity balls. While in a section of books and manuscripts they find an unfinished mystery novel with blank pages. The novel was never finished because the author went missing and was assumed dead. The unfinished manuscript gets wammied and they are zapped into black and white in a film noir private eye's office. They realize they are in the unfinished novel. Then A mysterious blonde (Missi Pyle) gives the crime novel cliche story of her missing husband and tells about a mysterious jade elephant statue she says have magic powers. Her husband was trying to find the artifact. The elephant was the artifact Pete and Myka were using to contain the electricity balls.

People in the black and white novel are ending up dead due to someone using the Maltese Fal.. um Jade Elephant, while tracking it down they soon realize the blonde was only posing as the wife of the missing husband and discover that the real wife is the one using the Elephant. Meanwhile the blonde (Lily) falls for the missing author (Enrico Colantoni) who is posing as a bartender. Pete and Myke find him and realize that he is the missing author. He explains to Pete and Myka his story and that the character of Lily is modeled after his late wife.

Side Note: Missi Pyle and Enrico Colantoni appeared together in the Sci-Fi Star Trek Parody film Galaxy Quest as the FanAliens (I forget the name of the Aliens). I think this is a Galaxy Quest reunion of sorts as I don't think they had done anything else together.

Lily and the bartender/author plan on going to Bora Bora and he doesn't want to finish the story, but Pete and Myka insist it has to be finished so that they can return to the real world and they try to get him to come but he would rather live out his life with Lily. Love wins in the end and Pete and Myka are returned to the Warehouse in the real world where they discover the novel has been finished and learn the Author and Lily made it to Bora Bora to live out their days.

This episode was OK but I admit I was a bit confused especially a bit with the B plot since I was only half paying attention to that part of the episode as I was more interested in the black and white novel plot. Odd since normally this subplot is the type that appeals to me more than film noir mysteries. I think it was the use of the black and white. So B Plot Claudia and Jinks tell Artie about a ping they discovered about classic sports cars that are disappearing and then reappearing at a car dealer. At first I thought it was a made up story to get Artie out of the slump he was in but it was a real event. Long story that I only half paid attention to short is a saleswoman at the car dealer where these cars were ending up was using a pair of gloves that originally belonged to a stunt driver that allows the driver of the car to drive through walls and just about anything to steal the cars and resell them. The special effects of the car passing though things, especially when it passes through Artie reminded me of an episode or two of Quantum Leap where a car passes through Al.

OK so even with the half attention span this was a good episode the black and white part I give 4 warehouse artifacts to **** while the other half I give 3 artifacts to *** so I guess that means I give this episode 3.5 warehouse artifacts ***.5

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