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Warehouse 13 Wednesday: Instinct

EPISODE 4.15 "Instinct"
Original Air Date: 03 June 2013
H.G. Wells: "In all my years of hunting artifacts, I've never seen anything like it."

 Warning: this review may contain spoilers
After the memorial day break WH13 returned and guess who made a return appearance? H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray). The Myka/H.G. "shippers" fangirls and fanboys are still screaming their heads off over it. This may have been the best episode of season 4 at least of the second half of the season. Both the A and B plots were exciting even though the B plot was restricted to the warehouse.

The episode opens up with a scene in a police station squad room where a guy rushes in yelling a confession to a murder. He gets booked and put in a holding cell. The court appointed lawyer is wondering why he would burst in with a confession like that, a forensic scientist collects his DNA for processing. The scientist is H.G. Wells. While H.G. is swabbing his hand she notices he physically changes and then he calms down and he himself is confused about why he confessed like that.

Artie while relaxing in the warehouse experiences a tremor and calls the team, who are breakfasting at the Bed and Breakfast, and asks them if they felt the earthquake. They didn't so he recalls them to the warehouse for a meeting. As they are leaving Myka gets a phone call from H.G. about the criminal confessing his crime and an alleged coconspiritor dying from fright of something. Myka and Pete go to see what is up with H.G. while Claudia, Steve and new member Abigail (The shrink and owner of the B&B) go to Artie and the warehouse. Using an arrtifact to retrieve a hi-tech satellite that was scrapped by the Government in the 1950s, something he called the F.I.S.H. Artie determines that the "quakes" he has been experiencing are confined to the warehouse.

Pete and Myka learn that the artifact that H.G. had noticed the effects of is a prehistoric hyena's jawbone that induces primal fear into its victims and forces them into flight or fight.

Meanwhile at the warehouse the tremors are traced to a malfunction in the warehouse's automatic expansion system that keeps the warehouse big enough to house all the artifacts and their powers. They find that the cause of the malfunction is that a railroad spike from the Transcontinental Railroad is trying "fix" the joints that are trying to expand. This has created a massive tornado like energy storm/field that is threatening to destroy the warehouse. With the quakes there are bolts of energy that zap Claudia in the rear. She tries to cover the fact up but Steve begins to notice.

While Pete and Myka are dealing with their jawbone artifact H.G. explains to Myka that she has met a man and his young daughter whom she cares about and doesn't want the adventures that hunting artifacts for the warehouse brings. She is trying to find a normal life. The daughter is about the age H.G.'s daughter would be. Myka thinks that is what attracted H.G. to the guy. Myka selfishly tries to convince H.G. to forget him and come back to the warehouse, she eventually sees that maybe trying to have a normal life is the right thing for H.G. [This must have rocked the Myka/H.G. shipper's world.]

Back at the warehouse a plan to shoot nutralizing goo onto the railroad spike closing. While working on how to deliver the  goo to the problem spike Steve confronts Claudia about her getting zapped in the butt. She explains that she thinks the warehouse hates her. Claudia modifies a rocket launcher into what she dubs a Gazooka. Things look like they will only get once chance to fix things. Steve takes a shot at the spike but misses he needed to be closer. Claudia cleverly thought up to make two gazooka missles since Claudia is getting zapped and suddenly Artie gets injured it is up to Steve to take the Gazooka up a rickety high diving ladder for a closer shot. While he's climbing a few of the rungs break and Steve loses his balance and has to hang on for dear life.

Claudia talks to Abigail and mentions that she really wants to become the warehouse caretaker, but can't get around the warehouse hating her thing. Abigail suggests that maybe instead of hating her the warehouse is trying to get her attention for help. Claudia takes the gazooka and the final goomissle straight to the base of the energy vortex and risks getting zapped to dust by entering it. After some tense moments of crossing throught the storm she reaches the eye of the energy vortex and gets a clear shot to the problem spike. After a spectacular gooing we see Claudia taking a hero walk back to the others, she is covered in goo.

After taking care of their primitave artifact Peta and Myka, well Myka mostly bid H.G. an emotional farewell till we see you again. I think since it was already known that Jaime Murray would be smack dab in the prduction of Defiance, this scene was a way for the wrtters to sort of semi-writeout H.G. for a while. I'm fairly sure it was filmed before any decisions to cancel WH13 were even mentioned to the production staff. Future of the show known or unknown at the time this was a very emitional scene. I'm sure the fangirls were balling their eyes out crying over it. If it was much longer I might have started to tear up some.

I give this episode  4 Warehouse Artifacts ****. 

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