Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Warehouse 13 Wednesday: Lost And Found

EPISODE 4.18 "Lost & Found"
Original Air Date: 24 June 2013
Artie: "You know how a ladder works, Right?"

 Warning: this review may contain spoilers
Wow what a FANTASTIC episode. This is the type of episode that makes me question why Syfy is canceling Warehouse 13 next season when it is still IN IT'S PRIME!

This episode barely had a B Plot, it was more of a supplement to the A plot. Things started out surprise with some minor bantering at the bread and breakfast (that is becoming too cliche' for this series now) when Artie rushes in telling the team they got a big ping on something he has been waiting for since he "borrowed" one half of a puzzle box, the other piece of the puzzle box. They must act fast and meet the black market seller who has the other puzzle piece in Buffalo, New York. The puzzle box was from a pirate Roaring Dan Seavy who had stolen from artifacts from Warehouse 12 off of a cargo ship that was transporting the artifacts during the transition from Warehouse 12 to 13. The mysterious black market seller of the other piece of the puzzle box turns out to be Charlotte Dupres. Reluctantly Artie, Myka and Pete agree to work with her to find the missing artifacts. The puzzle box reveals the longitude and latitude to where Seavy had hidden a clue that leads to where Seavy's body and his treasure are buried.

Meanwhile Nick Powell (Josh Blaylock) the kid from last episode turns out to be the 515some years old immortal son of Charlotte Dupres, who is in reality the immortal Countess of St. Germain (from episode 4.11 "The Living And The Dead" ). Using Franz Mesmer's Magnets which create a "whammy field that causes the victim to see hallucinations from the power of suggestion, Nick tricks Claudia to take him to the Warehouse thinking he is Steve, and tricks Steve into thinking he has an impossibly huge stack of report files to sort through.

Artie, Myka and Pete discover the main artifact, Aleister Crowley's Ruby Studded Universal Hexagram Necklace which creates a smoke monster spectral projection of the user that lasts well beyond the user's death. In this case Roaring Dan Seavy. With the help of Charlotte, whom they thought had been killed by the smoke monster, they manage to snag and bag the amulet.

Things come to a head, and a nice cliff-hanger when Nick releases Renaissance astrological alchemist Paracelsus (Anthony Head) from the Bronze sector of the Warehouse and they escape. Oh gee didn't we see this with Macpherson back in the Season 1 to 2 cliffhanger. Yes and No.

This is episode is now one of my favorite episodes of the second half of Season 4. There were a couple of sort of inside jokes that made me chuckle. The first is a true inside joke or rather fan query that seems to go unexplained and probably will stay that way concerning Artie's "Bag of Tricks". Pete asks "How come that bag always has exactly..." but Artie shushes him. The other inside joke is a little bit of dialogue that Pete brings up about Comic-Con, and Myka asks "What is Comic-Con?".

I give this episode 4.5 Warehouse artifacts ****.5

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