Monday, January 13, 2014

People who text are weird

A few months back, OK back as far as May last year (2013) I had gotten a text message on my cell phone. Now I don't do texting and rarely use that function but I have done it a few times. So I get a text from what looks like a local number, I'm not sure who or where it came from since I rarely recognize phone numbers anymore. Who does?

So I get a text on my cell phone with a local MD 301 area code number. I hardly recognize any phone numbers now-a-days and since text numbers don't have caller ID I Googled the number but only got it was a cell phone from a local area. Now I know you aren't supposed to text/talk to people you don't recognized but the simple question they posted peaked my curiosity.

Here is an image of the textversation. The unknown person is the blue quote blocks and I am the white:

Where are you!!

Who wants to know?

Haha sorry, that was from during the conge, when we got separated.

The conversation didn't go any further, one I don't know what they meant by conge, and two I hadn't been with anybody at anyplace to get separated from at the time.

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