Monday, May 26, 2014

Myka Monday: First And Last Looks

First and last looks at Myka

Since last Monday was the final new episode of Warehouse 13 there are now a very finite number of images of Myka to show. This does not mean that it is the end of Myka Monday. Since I still have Warehouse 13 episodes to review for my blog on Wednesdays I will still have Myka Monday. Even if I skip a week for a review I will still try to post a Myka Monday. So I thought for this week I would show the first appearance of Myka and the last Appearance.
Myka in the opening scene of "Pilot" Episode 1 of Season 1.

Myka smiling just before she completely fades out in the Final Episode of the Series.
"Endless" Season 5 Episode 6.

Yeah I finally got my copy of Season 5. Ordered it from Amazon and got it on Saturday. Tried to find it at Target on Wednesday but they didn't have it that is why I ordered it online.

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