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Warehouse 13 Wednesday: Cangku Shisi

EPISODE: 5.5 "Cangku Shisi"
倉庫十四 (Warehouse 14)
Original Air Date: 12 May 2014
CLAUDIA: "It's like the transporter from Star Trek minus the dilithium crystals"

Warning: This review may contain spoilers.

Wow a major adrenaline pumping emotion driving episode. This episode packed a lot of action into it and a few twists and turns I don't want to ruin everything. OK so we open things up with Claudia going to the facility where the Warehouse Regents had her sister Claire (Chryssie Whitehead) in the artifact induced coma. Not only is Claire gone but the artifact that is keeping her in the coma is gone. Using the Durational Spectrometer Artie and Claudia discover that Benedict Valda (Mark Sheppard) from the alternate time-line has kidnapped Claire.

Valda gives a demonstration of power of some artifacts to a mysterious buyer telling him that instead of being stored away to collect dust they should be used and experimented with to advance science and civilization. He endangers a crowd of people in a park and is several steps ahead of the warehouse team. They save the people and must figure out what his plan is.

The team discovers that Valda's plan is to move the warehouse using Clarie as a puppet caretaker to his "Warehouse 14". Artie describes the special procedure that needs to be followed to insure the warehouse gets moved properly and the artifacts transferred to the new location. There are three artifacts that need to be used and they discover that Valda has them, except for one piece which they must travel to Boston to obtain. As with Indiana Jones in his movies they locate the artifact only to have it taken from them by their nemesis.

The team works out that Valda plans to move the warehouse to China and has found a location. Pete, Myka and Claudia use an artifact portal to beat Valda to China while Artie and Steve try to hold down the fort er the warehouse and keep Valda from completing the transfer of the artifacts to the new warehouse.

 While picking up the pieces so to speak, resettling things Artie and Myka see the warehouse compass (one of the tools needed to move the warehouse) turns back on. Artie Farnsworths Mrs.Frederic she announces that Valda's actions have set some things in motion that even she can't control or predict. Some of Mrs. Frederic's past was revealed earlier in the episode that confirms she is over 100 years old.

Series Regulars:
Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock)
Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly)
Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubenik)
Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti)
Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore)
Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder)

Guest Cast:
Claire Donovan (Chryssie Whitehead)
Benedict Valda (Mark Sheppard)

On a light subtle reference to something else the artifact that Benedict Valda used to control Claire the Donovan Chester Moore Hall's Achromatric Lens has major similarities to the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation and later Trek Series.

Once again they brought the dang Pete Loves Myka shipping junk into the plot, just as NCIS: Los Angeles has been shipping Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye. Maybe both shows have the same romance loving writers. With this new plot undertones Pete has become more of a wuss (ditto Deeks).

I give this episode 4 Warehouse artifacts ****

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