Monday, November 30, 2015

Get Me To The Kirk On Time!

Get Me To The Kirk On Time!

Those who are worldly wise of course know that Kirk is Scottish for "Church" and that Kirk is also has some old Norse and Germanic roots. As regular readers know often times I have gotten some strange misspellings on my order receipt from those restaurants that ask for your name rather than bother assigning your order the number that the cash register automatically assigns to it. I guess they do it to be more personal and friendly. It is also a test of the intelligence and spelling skills of the order takers. How well they listen and hear what you said. I am often tempted to give my name as "Captain Kirk" and see how often they screw that up, but my normal name of Kirk is butchered enough by some of these kids who can't give the proper change if the cash register goes on the blink. They will also stare at you if you give them an amount that will give you full dollar bills or silver change instead of a few odd pennies.

So the entry for this post was more divine intervention I think than just some punk order taker not knowing how to spell the simple name of "Kirk". This guy came up with "C-U-R-C-K". Hey he got it Foneticallee excuse me phonetically Correct sort of. "Curck" if I spelled my name that way most people would think my name was Church, which in some ways it sort of is.

If I had my way I would rather be mistaken for someone like OH the current Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins.

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