Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 to 2016

In a few hours we will go through the annual ritual of recognizing another full orbit of the Earth Around the Sun by changing the entire time keeping book on the wall (aka: Calendar). At this time of year many people make resolutions and vows to supposedly change their life for the better. Many more people will break those vows and many people like myself will not even attempt doing either. Well I do sort of have one, and it is blog related.

In a few days (maybe only hours if I put an effort into it) I will make my annual January "State of the Blog" post where I examine my posting history of the last 12 months, and see if I met my personal posting quota goal of a minimum of 32 posts in the year. I knew early on this past year of 2015 that I would fall short of that quota. I barely scratched the surface of posting the bare-bones minimal one post per month. I only have myself to blame for slacking off on that personal goal.

For other personal goals I reached my book reading goal that I keep track of on Goodreads of at least 20 books read. I read 21.3 as of right now I am 30% (page 114 of 378 pages) into book number 22, however I will not have it finished by year's end so the official tracking will only show 21 books and in a few days when I do finish this current book I am reading it will be tracked as my first book read in 2016. My personal tracking I mark the book as being read for both years since it is a transaction book. I started reading it about a week ago. Technically 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I re-read the first 15 pages or so that I had originally read to better keep refreshed on this book.

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