Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Random End Of Month Post

Eek another Month gone, and I didn't really blog about anything significant here. Typical Typical so typical of me. Well football season is way over the Super Bowl was both exciting and disappointing. The New England Patriots are #NOTMYSUPERBOWLCHAMPIONS. I am glad that it wasn't a Patriots Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl like many had been predicting.

We enter March now (well in a about 12 hours after this gets posted) and "March Madness". We shall see where that leads us and which Cinderella team wins the NCAA Championship. For me Baseball season is beginning. The Spring Training Pre-Season games are in full swing which means opening day is right around the corner. This Winter has been a pretty warm one here in the greater DC Metro area. We only had one real snow storm but it didn't last but a few hours.

Maybe I'll get around to finishing some of the posts I have had in my draft queue for ages upon ages. Then again maybe not, maybe they will stay there for another couple of years.

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