Monday, March 27, 2017

Blogging: Lack Of Motivation Mind Blank

This is sort of a blogging rant to myself for being so unproductive on the blog front for the last several months. Maybe even for the last several years.

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis will have noticed that for quite sometime now I have barely been keeping up with my blogging here on my self appointed 1 post a month quota. My last few annual "State of The Blog" year end posts and occasional in-year updates have shown my lack of activity here. Sometimes I have the dreaded writer's block and can't come up with something interesting. Ironically I do have 6 or 7 in process posts in my draft queue. Those drafts include a couple of book reviews and a DVD review or two. For the most part my reasons for not publishing some of those is either I haven't chosen a quote for the review or I haven't scanned the cover of the DVD or Book, or I haven't gotten past the initial setting up the page for the review.

I sort of tossed around the idea of just abandoning this blog, or going into a blogging hiatus. I do after all have two trading card blogs that I have the same 1 post a month personal quota for. I really hate going a month without a post for any of my blogs. This blog seems to be the most difficult to come up with stuff for of the three. I guess my regular life is just that dull and routine.

I do occasionally have ideas for posts to do. Some of those ideas I have written down a few keywords for the idea, or the basic synopsis of the idea. I just haven't gotten around to putting "pen to paper" or rather formatted text saved into binary code on computer data storage drive.

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