Monday, August 31, 2020

Ebay Update: Added Listings


Ebay Update: New listings

This will probably be just a quick update on my Ebaying. As for sales I haven't had anything sell since June. That is mostly because of what class? I didn't do any listing. Right. So about 2 weeks ago I corrected that and added 5 more items to my Ebay store giving me a total of 24 items in the store. Most of the listings in my store are one item/unit only one shots. I only have 2 multi item/unit listings, before this recent added listings I just had one multi-unit listing. I haven't gotten any new sales, but the views of my items has gotten back to being a thing and not just one random view every few weeks. It still isn't anything to really write home about though.

So as I said I added 5 listings. 3 were sealed DVDs and 2 were sports related of those 2 one is team branded general merchandise you could stretch it some to say it is breweriana as it is a set of drink coasters, the other is a multi-unit listing of some trading card packs.  For these 5 items each has shipping on top.

Here is what was listed:
  • New York Yankees branded drink coasters unopened 10 pack $7.95
  • DVD: Castle The Complete 5th Season 5 discs SEALED set $14.95
  • DVD: Road to Perdition SEALED $9.99
  • DVD: The Shawshank Redemption SEALED $9.99
  • SEALED pack of 2017 Leaf Draft Football trading cards $4.50  $4.00 (x6)

The DVDs will probably sit for a while since they are big name movies and there are a ton on Ebay, plus I'm somewhere in the high middle on pricing. The drink coasters I won't get much of a profit on if any and I might even lose some even on shipping. The key rookie card in the Draft packs is Patrick Mahomes II. I mentioned that in the description but not the title. I also mentioned he is the key rookie but there is no guarantee of pulling his card. I think he has at least 2 cards in that set maybe 3. I started them off at $4.50 but this past weekend (28 Aug) dropped the price down to $4.00. I had gotten them from some of those Fairfield repacked boxes of 20 (or was it 24?) packs of Football cards or maybe one of those boxes of 4 packs w/ 100 loose cards.

To try to get some things moving I am having a store wide 10% off sale for about 10 days Sept 01-11. Maybe some stuff will sell because of that sale. I hope so at least.

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Fuji said...

The Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorite movies. I think I have just about every version of that movie except maybe laserdisc. Best of luck with your eBay sales.