Friday, July 31, 2020

The New Blogger Experience: Updates to Blogger

OK so Blogger made some major updates to the platform format. I DON'T Like it. It seems that all the functions I normally have done are either hidden or are a second step in a new process, where the old process was just one step. The last update I didn't like at first either but I eventually warmed up to it. I'm not sure about this version. I don't even know where to begin.

Well for starters my ancient laptop with ancient browsers can no longer edit posts so I have do some alternate walk-arounds to get scans and new photos attached to my posts. Long story short it is well past time for me to get a new home 'puter/laptop. That is for another post another time if at all.

Many of the functions that I had grown accustomed to have changed. Some of them as I said at the top now require additional steps to do. For instance when going to a blog linked on your "reading list" you are now taken to a redirection page that asks if you want to be redirected to the link you were requesting or return to where your reading list page. Very counterintuitive and a huge pain to do my daily blog reading now.

I haven't tried returning to my reading list page in case I didn't want to return in the first place. I wanted to go directly to the link I requested. OH Lookie at that it doesn't send you back to the previous page. Only moving on to the page you wanted works. I just tested to see if it would send you back if you picked the go back page which I would rarely want to do. Unless I had clicked on the wrong link in the first place. 

The new format for the labels I don't think I'll be doing labels much anymore. I hate the way it looks (even though I like the old checklist trading cards that it is reminiscent of, and you can't see all of the ones you are trying to use.

Took me a while to find how to switch from the HTML view to the "compose" view and to find where the dang "SAVE" was. Still not sure how to tell if your publishing date and time is saved to where you want it. OH and I thought I would never find the damn "new post" button which is the damn plus circle that I thought was continue down the page or go to the next page.

I wonder what else I will find that I want to do that I can't anymore, or that I have to do a totally different way that is more complicated.

One good thing I noticed. When you click on the publish button it does give a pop-up asking to confirm publishing. In case you aren't quite ready to publish yet. There were a few times on the old format where I was nervous that I would accidentally click "publish" instead of just "save".

UGH I just. I just don't know anymore. I am frustrated by the new changes and am not sure how much longer I'll put up with this latest version.


Sport Card Collectors said...

The labels and the scheduled posts part I can’t figure out. I went back to the old view but I see it ends in August.

We used to be able to hit done once we chose our labels and our date and time for scheduling posts. I don’t know how to save or choose that info

Fuji said...

I hate it too. Wish they would just let us have the option to stay with the legacy blogger. Not sure why they insist on forcing this new version upon us. #notamused