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Ebay Reselling Update: December 2020 Sales And Year Totals

EBAY Reselling Update:
December 2020 Sales
and Year Totals

Lets see in my last Sales update I had 3 sales and 23 listings in the store. 

So What Sold in Dec 2020?
  1. 2006 Contenders Howard Cassady Award Winners auto AW-23 serial numbered /200 Lions $25.00 plus shipping. 
  2. 2011 Threads Mikel Leshour Rookie Class Letterman Patch Auto "E" 286 #/400 $8.49 plus shipping
  3. 1994 Nintendo Rare Killer Instinct 5 card promo lot 99¢ opening bid plus shipping
  4. McDonalds Gift Certificate One McDollar 1998 $7 offer plus shipping.
  5. New York Yankees drink coasters 10 pack $7.95 plus shipping
Item number 1. I had originally listed for $35.95 plus shipping, a buyer submitted an offer for $25.00 so I took it. I had 7 or 8 views w/in only about 12 hours after listing. Maybe I jumped on it too soon, but I thought it could be one of those long tailed listings that would take ages to sell. Item #2 I had a watcher on and sent an offer for a dollar off from the original $9.49 I had it marked at they took the offer. Item #3 sold at the opening bid of 99¢. Item 4 started as an auction that didn't sell then I listed originally at $9.42 (or maybe $9.99) then dropped it to $8.42 it sat for a while and then a buyer sent an offer for $7 and I accepted. I had nothing into it so why not? I had gotten it from a friend's son's old card collection they gave me. Wow item number 5 I thought would have a much longer tail on it than it did. I am maybe breaking even on it, but probably not due to the shipping costs.

I have managed to make some more listings a mix of fixed price and auctions. For some things I am getting back into the habit of starting some of them as an auction some with an opening bid at 99¢ others with a larger bid I'm comfortable starting with. 

I now have 43 store listings at a count of 53 units. 

2020 Year Totals: 
Not including shipping costs.

Jan - 0    $0.00
Feb - 5   $26.49
Mar - 7   $33.43
Apr - 4    $7.50
May - 2    $6.00
Jun - 1    $25.00
Jul - 0    $0.00
Aug - 0    $0.00
Sep - 5    $23.99
Oct - 1    $5.99
Nov - 3    $15.98
Dec - 5    $49.43
YEAR TOTAL: Items: 33    $193.81

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that this is the most number of sales and items I have sold in one single year. It is definitely the most I have made in terms of money. I even in some cases made a little profit on the shipping. Usually I underestimate actual shipping costs and will undercharge for shipping even though sometimes it seems like an overcharge. I am improving a little bit in my estimation of what the actual shipping will cost. I think in some ways the shipping costs sort of even out. I think I manage to eek out a profit, even if it is only a couple of bucks. I have a long way before I make $100s per month or day, or even make that magic $20,000 per year mark when you have to start paying the business sales taxes.

Well I failed to reach my goal of having 100 listings in my store at the end of the year. I'm only at 43. UGH. Well hopefully I can breach the 100 listings sometime during January.

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