Monday, May 14, 2007

A Recent Read Number 7

"Either The Massiah came almost two thousand years ago, or the biblical prophets were false prophets - in which case we can throw The Bible out and go join some other religion (or abandon religion completely)."

Answering Jewish Objections To Jesus - Volume One - (General and Historical Objections) Michael L. Brown. This book was intended by the author to be read primarily by a Jewish audience and then secondly by Christians to further understand somewhat were Jews are coming from historically. The book has a basic format of common questions (or objections) that Jews have about Jesus and Christianity, followed by an answer and then often lengthy endnotes as an explanation. It is interesting that many Jews haven't even bothered to find out anything about Jesus. They normally just dismiss anything about him and don't bother with reading any of the New Testament. The author of this book is a massianic Jew, that is someone whe was born into a Jewish family and has accepted Jesus as his savior and believes he is The Massiah. Often they call themselves True Christians, many traditional Jews consider them traitors and believers of a cult or of an enemy religion.

I found this book to be a difficult read, since I am unfamiliar with many of the references to Jewish Scriptures that many Jews wouldn't even bat an eye at since it (the original Hebrew scriptures often not found in the Christian Bible) was something they already know and are very comfortable with. I was dissappointed when I realized that this book was only the first of a three volume set, and many of the objections that I have heard about (and wanted to hear the answer to) are supposedly in either volume two or more likely in volume three. There is a 3-in-1 Volume available now I think, with updates, and I fear there is also a volume 4 now. I believe that many Jewish readers will still be asking the same questions and will not be satisfied with the answers the author gives.

Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus - Volume One by Michael L. Brown 2000 Baker Books 270 Pages - **.5

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