Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dead Palm Pilots

Ack! I'm pretty sure my 5? year old Palm Pilot is now officially dead. It was a M130 or some such, I'd have to double check the exact number on it. It doesn't turn on and it doesn't recharge in it's cradle. The worst part is I don't have the info on it backed up, but I think nothing of great importance was on it. A few birthdays remembered for each year, a brief description of a dream I had about 3 or 4 years ago, a few to-do lists, some old phone numbers and addresses, and my schedule/calendar that I hadn't updated since sometime in mid-April. Oh and a few date reminders, and a sort of history of appointments. Other than that no problem. Sigh that makes my second dead palm pilot sitting around collecting dust, my first palm pilot that I had bought used for something like $50 when they were selling for $300-$500 was a Palm III, I think. It's only problem that I know of, is the wire that connects the battery case to the circut board. Well anyway I should replace my ancient cell-phone with one that would double as a palm pilot, but I don't want to loose my number so I'd have to go with whatever deals Verizon (my cell phone carrier) has. It will be several months before I do anything like that though. My financial situation really sucks right now.

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