Monday, May 21, 2007

Sometimes Technology SUCKS!

First my digital camera acts up a few months ago, and either needs repairs or replacing. Then my palm pilot up and dies. Now my laptop joins the land of the dead. [Sigh] I can't afford a new computer and I can't afford repairs on the laptop. Besides a few years worth of archived emails and various programs (some of which were downloaded for free like winzip and adobie reader) I have lost some digital photos that I never got around to backing up on a disc or anything. Plus tons of other stuff, that I may not have have used recently or often but are just glad they are available. It appears I may have to start from sratch yet again. This sort of thing always happens when I need to switch to a new computer. I need to refind applications I had gotten used to using that are not standard programs on factory fresh computers, not to mention all the various bookmarks I had. ARGH! I'm not sure but I think I am now locked out of my website access. I need to look into that to see if I can access my account from my mothers computer, I cant login from work, although I can check my bill balance there. UGH!

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