Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doctor Who Spin-Off # 2: The Sarah Jane Adventures


The second successful BBC Doctor Who Spin-Off Series The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007) is coming to America but on Sci-Fi channel. (Sarah Jane Adventures on Sci-Fi) Starting April 11 this year. Yeah buddy. I'm psyched for this series only not too much because I have heard mixed things about it, and also have a few mixed feelings about it. For one I almost feel it was about 20-25 years too late, wait BBC did try a Doctor Who Spin-off series with Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elizabeth Sladen) back in 1981 that resulted in K9 and Company. I hear tell of a second season starting up soon (of SJA) if it hasn't already. On the downside I feel I won't really like episodes two and three, they deal with one of my least favorite aliens from the new Doctor Who series the Slitheen. Oh Well . I'm not sure of all the details of this new series, but with the publicity pics I found googliing around she hangs with a group of kids and gets caught up in adventures. I'm guessing from some descriptions I've read the neighbor kids. They still seem to keep Doctor Who a children's show over there in the UK this new show seems to be made for the CBBC (Children's British Broadcasting Corporation). I'll find out in about a month or so. Cool.

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