Saturday, March 08, 2008

What Part Of NEVER Married Don't They Get?

One of the things I occasionally do on the internet as a form of entertainment and also that last desperate grasp at that final straw is to visit an online "Dating/Rating" site (you may have heard about it) well I got a chuckle when one of these banner ads showed up (the site uses ads to help keep the website free):

The Banner ad for a dating site called NEVERMARRIED.NET reads:
Life is too short to wait... Meet your match. It's FREE!
For all SINGLES Including Divorced

Another ad for the same site:

Totally Free, unlimited email, chat, divorced welcome

Notice the name of the website "" and divorced welcome? ?HUH? Doesn't Divorced mean NO LONGER Married? Not Never Married. Looks like someone needs to change the name of their website.

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