Sunday, March 02, 2008

Social Community Internet Networks

Internet social networks like MySpace and Facebook are extremely popular. I have mixed opinions on them. Sure they are fun to use, and sure they help one build a social network, but what good do they actually do? Sigh! should I even continue with this train of thought? Should I even publish this post?

I opened up a MySpace account mostly so I could see the pictures that some friends and acquaintances have put up there. I may one day make a Facebook account since I know of at least one person who has an account there, but how often does she use it and update? That is one point to ponder with these things. Is it worth going through the motions of opening up an account if you are only going to use it every once in a while? One of my friends with a MySpace account (a friend I had before Myspace, not someone I met there) doesn't do much updating. He was last on about 2 weeks before I opened up my account so he probably hasn't seen the friend request I sent if it went through. It was the first friend request I sent so I'm not sure if it was recorded or not. Well maybe I'll see in a few weeks as he has been in a show. Should I keep this last bit or do some delete/editing? Nah I'll Keep it I guess.

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