Saturday, November 07, 2009

CSI Trilogy Crossover Special Episodes

OH BOY. Starting Monday 09 November 2009 CBS will air a trilogy of crossover episodes in each of the CSI shows, starting with CSI:MIAMI which airs on Monday, then they will go onto CSI:NY on Wednesday 11 Nov and finish the storyline arc with the Original CSI (sometimes called CSI:LAS VEGAS or CSI:VEGAS)on Thursday 12 Nov. I am not a real big fan of crossover episodes that spill over into each and every one of the individual entities. I don't like it with comic books and I certainly don't like it with TV shows. I don't mind when a spin-off show starts off on a crossover episode of the original show to set up the spin-off, but once they are individuals I don't like the crossover story arcs to jump between the series.

UGH. My biggest peeve about all this is I am not a huge fan of CSI:MIAMI, although I do like the actresses in that show, but I haven't watched an episode of it in a very long time. Not since probably season 2 or so.

I am a fan of the other two shows, but not Miami. I hope when it comes time to release the DVD of this story that they do the right thing and have it as it's own little package, not only as the respective epsiodes in each series. Since I have no idea what season CSI:MIAMI is currently in I wouldn't know which DVD season to buy. OK I can look it up on, and it looks like they are WOW in season 8 (CSI is in season 10, and CSI:NY is in season 6).

I will watch the episodes. I probably should record them all on the same tape to keep the story together. I normally don't record the shows much anymore unless I am out at the time they are being aired. Mostly since most shows are released pretty quickly now on DVD.


DJ Foo said...

Agreed. Not really feeling Horatio's approach in Miami.

holly lily said...

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