Friday, November 06, 2009

Post Office Whoa! 2

OK it happened again within about a week or so of the first time. Part of it is the change of the post office times. I think another part is postal workers getting a little lazy and slowing down.

ON Wednesday, once again I got one of those little cards that lets you know "You have a package" So on Thursday I go to the post office around 9:00 AM I got there a little after so they were already open. First I went directly to the door/window where you normally pick up packages, well no one was there so I knock on the door a couple of times. One of the clerks at one of the main windows says the pick up area is closed you have to wait in the main line. OK so I do that wait my turn for about 10 minutes. Go to the next employee at the counter when it is my turn. Turns out it is the same lady from last week. Should have been a clue.

Anyway the same song and dance. Last time I had remembered wrong what the excuse is. It isn't that it takes them too long to unload the truck from the day before, it is that mail left over from my mail carrier is actually dropped off at another postal station (one without public access I think). So mail that they attempt to deliver and can't is taken to that center first then to my post office. So I have to wait until at least 9:30 before I can claim any packages it looks like, unless I wait till the second day.

So I picked up the package they attempted to drop off Wednesday, today (Friday) at around noon when I leisurely went to pick the package up.

I also dropped off in the regular mail a post card from a company that had badly misspelled my name. I marked the thing "return to sender" along with "No such person, remove from mailing list". I know it will do no good, it probably won't even be returned to the damn company, the post office will probably just toss it. Oh the Misspelling you say? I think it originated with some stupid credit card company, they dropped the last letter of my first name and added my middle initial so now I occasionally get mail for a "Kirl Andersen" How the Frack do you think "Kirl" is a name? It's an exorcise with weights or a Canadian sport not a name.

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