Monday, November 02, 2009

YES! A Win!

OK so the NFL season is about 1/2 over and a first win at this time of the season isn't great, but at least it is a start to something good. It boosts confidence for a team. I am talking about the St. Louis Rams 17-10 win over the Detroit Lions.

The rams end a 17 game losing streak, and last season they were only 2-14.

So guys you can take off the bags.

Most of last season and this season things have looked pretty much like this. The rest of the NFL chasing down the Rams and knocking them down.

Yeah the look on Lions Coach Jim Schwartz's face is the face Rams fans have had all season long, and most of last season.

Now for the last couple of weeks Redskins fans have been annoyed at their team during their losing streak, and are so ashamed of them attendance for home games are down, and people are making jokes like "How do you keep the Redskins out of your yard? Put up a goal post" One fan a few weeks back was so upset they created this new logo for the Skins:

I was tempted to try and make a similar one for the rams, and while writing this post up decided I'd give it a try. So here is my quick attempt at a Rams-Shame Logo, it's not terribly good, but it ain't too bad:

Photos of Rams vs. Lions game from Getty Images from Yahoo Sports.

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