Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Google Verification word.

Every once in a while something you read in another blog will stir up your own creative juices, or just plain remind you of something you did a while back. This is one of those times when I read a blog and it reminded me that it was something I do every once in a while myself. 

Adam (aka: Spankee) who writes the trading card blog "My Cardboard Mistress" reminded me of this word verification game on his post "Word Verification Fun". For those of you not familiar with this when you go to post a comment to someone's blog at or one of the other Yahoo/Google owned blogging networks you get a nonsense word to verify to make sure you are making a legitimate comment and are not planning on sending that person spam, or trying to steal someone else's identity. I've played that word game a couple of times on this blog and now I am doing it yet again. Some people would say it is something to do when you are board. I say it is fun and if the word is strange enough it stimulates the imagination and you can come up with some very interesting things sometimes.

Here is my comment I made in response to his post. The word I got for it was "hunes".

"Yes that is fun. A couple of times when I couldn't think of anything to say on my regular blog I did that here is a link to those times: 

Hmm for this post I have a boring "hunes" guess that is the lesser known sand dunes on the outskirts of Hollywood. Or hey I came up with a more interesting one. Songs that have no real words like the Crash Test Dummies "Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm" song.

Thanks for this post I'm going to save my comment here and make a post out of it myself since I thought of an interesting definition for my word right now. "

Crash-Test Dummies and "Weird Al" Yankovic

Whenever I think of that Crash Test Dummies song I always picture "Weird Al" Yankovic with his parody of that song "Headline News". So there you have it folks a game you can play with junior and all the kids. While reading and responding to a few other blogs I got the following words:

inglo - Hmmm I guess that is a trendy ice made hut on the Alaskan Tundra.

I also got the cousin of one of  Rowan Atkinson's television characters. The word was "Adder" yes it was in green lettering so it was The Green Adder.

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