Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CD Update: January 2013


For the month of January I got one lone CD, it had been a while since I've gotten one. Anyway this one is the latest one by Pink "The Truth About Love" I got at Target. I got the Deluxe Edition that has 4 bonus tracks, there is also supposedly a "Fan Edition" that has a DVD and even more bonus tracks I'd like to try to find that one. 

The first single released from this album was Blow Me (One Last Kiss). I've seen the video for it and there are two versions of the video one in color and one in black and white but with some colorized red near the end.

I think I agree with those who have said that this is P!nk's Best album yet. As with the last few Pink albums there is a Regular Version, a frCensoreding Version (since she has a tendency to record songs with some filthy words you can't say on radio), a Deluxe Version and a Version with a DVD. The DVD version is usually the Deluxe Version not so in this case the DVD Version I think is what they call the "Fan Edition". The confusing thing is all the covers usually look alike, but have subtle differences.

This is the regular version of the CD.

This is the Deluxe Edition of the CD (the version I picked up).
This Deluxe Edition has four extra songs. I like the extra songs but I don't know if I really needed them. Well YES I guess I did. When I get a regular version of a disc that also has a version with some bonus stuff I feel I missed out if I didn't get the one with the bonuses.

That reminds me I really should pick up the bonus filled edition of Her Greatest Hits.. So Far CD. I stupidly got the regular version, because 1) I had forgotten there were two versions, and 2) Target didn't have the bonus version at the time I picked up my copy. A few weeks/months later of course they had the bonus version.

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