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Word Verification Fun 001

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Many of you that follow blogs will know that some of them allow for readers comments to be made, but before the comments are published the bloggers/owners need to prove the comments are coming from legitimate readers instead of some spambot. They (the big mighty internet Powers That Be) have a "word verification" thing where you type in the exact characters you see. Some years back I made a couple of posts of some occasional words I was asked to enter to verify I was not a robot. I had also mentioned that a blogger (Spankee) at another blog (My Cardboard Mistress) occasionally would post the weird words he was requested to enter in. Google at one time had a specific name for this verification process but I forget what it was.  Ah I found it via Google Search (Convenient ain't it?) recaptcha, oh wait that was the early version of it when the words were in a grid, now the words are just in strange fonts and bunched together. Maybe they still call it that. I don't know and don't really care THAT much.

Now-a-days Google/Yahoo/Blogger has you type the fictional word AND some numbers from a picture of numbers which sometimes is next to impossible to make out the numbers. Anyway one of my more recent words/numbers were:

41222 glopolu 

(or was that a "V" at the end? Hmmm I think it was a "U" not 100% sure now)

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The word "glopolu" is the base mixture of ingredients that make up the Hawaiian "delicacy" poi.
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It is the glop that is the main paste.
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When I was a kid of about 7 I went to Hawaii with my Mom, one of my Brothers and my Mom's Godmother. We went on some kind of family two week package. I didn't like poi then, haven't had it since but I don't think I'd like it. I hear it is an acquired taste..

I like this Poi better:
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