Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nats Vs. Bonds Round 1

The Washington Nationals are trapped in the Giant Bonds Home Run Circus.

The quote Experts unquote have predicted that Barry Bonds, in his effort to break Hank Aaron's Most Career Homers Record, will hit number 756 at home against the Washington Nationals. He tied the record on Saturday (04 August 2007) with number 755 in San Diego. Well Tonight Monday 06 August 2007 (very late for us on the East coast) he didn't do it, but the Nats lost to the San Francisco Giants in extra innings 3-2 in the bottom of the 11th. The Nats had their 6 game winning streak snapped, while the Giants snapped their 3 game losing streak.

The game went most of the game tied 1-1 seeing as both teams had scored in the 1st.

No homer for Barry but Dimitri Young Homered in the 10th to put the Nats ahead 2-1, unfortunately the Giants came back and tied it 2-2, taking it to the 11th, where the Giants loaded the bases and won with a single. UGH.

Mr. Bonds was held hitless in four at bats, he fouled out to third in the first inning, walked in the third, grounded into a double play in the fifth and struck out in the seventh, while each pitch was accompanied by a paparazzi of flash bulbs going off.

On the one hand I want Bonds to go ahead and break the record already so the media circus will move on to other fish to fry, but on the other hand I don't want him to do it while playing the Nats. One game down three more to go.

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