Friday, August 10, 2007

Nats Vs. Bonds Round 4

Nats vs. Giants Game 4

In the final game of this four game series the newly crowned Home Run King Barry Bonds sat out for most of it. Since this was a day game and I didn't set the old VCR I didn't actually see this final game of the historic series. I monitored the stats of the game for the first 4.5 innings via Yahoo Sports, then listened to about 3 innings on the radio, I did't find out the details of the last 2 innings until checking back in with Yahoo.

Anyway in a must win situation the Nats pulled through and ended up winning the game 3-1, dispite the 8th inning effort by the Giants to bring in Bonds to pinch hit with runners at the corners (at 1st and 3rd base that is). Mr. Eighth inning Jon Rauch managed to get him to hit a popup foul out to 3rd. Then for the Ninth Chad "The Chief" Cordero got his 25th save of the season to bring the series to a close with the Nats splitting the series with the Giants 2-2.

I am so glad all this is over now. Phew! Oh and now, for the time being, the Nats are tied with The Florida Marlins in 4th place of the NL East Division.

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