Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nats Vs. Bonds Round 3

Wednesday 8 Aug 2007 Nats vs. Giants Game 3

Well the atmosphere of this game was more or less back to Earth. Last nights game was a circus up until the 5th inning break for history, tonight's game was more like a regular game and didn't stop just because somebody hit a ball out of the park. Guess what? On his first at bat on the second pitch Barry Bonds hit homer number 757 a ball that thought it was a crashing jet plane and plunged into "McCovey's Cove". The Giants fans acted more like regular baseball fans and not just a pack of vultures waiting for a victim to finally die. The end result was very disappointing the Nationals were skunked 5-0. They HAVE to win tomorrow's afternoon game to split the series. Why oh why did the Giants pick this 4 game series to start coming back?

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