Sunday, August 12, 2007

Of Wedding Bouquets And Garters!

On Saturday (11 August, 2007) I attended a wedding. Yes I was invited, I'm not a wedding crasher (although that might be a good way to meet women...) The reception had all the normal events, the best man toasting, the couples first dance, and of course the tossing of the bouquet and the flinging of the garter. Now as per standard wedding etiquette during the bouquet toss all the single women (18 and older) scrambled and jumped and dove for the bouquet like a typical running play during a Super Bowl. The garter fling was also the standard of all the guys just standing around not making an effort to even acknowledge the thing. There was the typical "20 dollars to the guy who makes the sacrifice for the team" sort of comment. The "I'm not standing in the front row" and I think one or two other typical comments. Well wouldn't you know it, the thing lands three feet in front of me. The guy to my left started to make a move for it then stopped and said something like "you get it, it's all yours". Then some guy who I think was the grandfather of the 20something girl who had pried the bouquet from her adversaries hands, came up to me and asked me if that meant I was going to marry the girl who caught the bouquet. I said "No, now-a-days it just means that we are the next ones to get married". Then they took a photo or two of me and the girl who caught the bouquet on either side of the bride and groom.

So I went to a wedding and all I got was a lousy garter. LOL!

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