Monday, December 31, 2007

Frost Patterns On Me Car!

This morning, Monday 31 December, 2007: I saw something wonderful on my car as I got out to go to work. The frost that had collected on the hood (or bonnet), windshield and well all over the car was in neat orderly "leaf" patterns.

The pattern was close to these images I found on the web, more so the neat orderly pattern of the second photo. Thin almost pine, palm or maybe even fern looking patterns swirled all over the car. It was so neat and organized that it was as if someone had used a tree as a template for the frost. Yet the closest tree to my car would either be across the street or on the other side of the next door neighbor's house, at least 100 feet away or more.

I had never before seen frost patterns that were so beautiful. Patterns that leave (I could have punned and said "leaf") no question about the existance of a greater natural presence or being such as God. Man I wish I had a working camera, but allas my digital camera died around last march or so, and an old polaroid I have somewhere around doesn't have film. Bummer. Need to get a new camera for 008.

Man with natural occuances like that, how can people question "Intellegent Design" for the creation of Life, The Universe and Everything?

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