Saturday, December 22, 2007

Primary Politico Party Pooper.

I absolutely HATE the way our Primary system works. The primary elections which are the elections held to eliminate all the not-as-popular or not as fit candidates for the job before the general election. My big problem with it, however, is that the Iowa Caucous (spelled wrong yeah I know) and the New Hampshire Primary are usually the first two states to vote, and they usually eliminate everyone so by the time "Super Tuesday" comes there is nobody to vote for. SUPER TUESDAY is a good attempt at having most of the country vote at the same time, but comes up short because it is to late after the first few primaries have already decided who is going to race in November.

I think ALL the States should have their Primary Elections all on the same day, or at least in the same week and the media should hold off on making any announcements about whose ahead until the end of the week. That would make it more fair for the entire country to vote for who they really want to vote for. Back in the 1980s when John Glenn ran, he was eliminated and dropped out months before Super Tuesday so by the time the Maryland Primary came around, it was really pointless to vote for him but I did anyway just to protest the point. As with many other things concerning politics and the individual that kind of thing doesn't effect the over-all picture much.

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