Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Torchwood Entry 2.0


It has been a while since I mentioned Torchwood the BBC series made by the producers of the New version of Doctor Who. Anyway the BBC America cable station has been showing it here in the States on Saturday Nights. I got hooked on it. They have taken a break from it since they went through Season 1, Season 2 starts in the UK in early January and about a week or two later on BBC America. Pretty Cool stuff. It is hard to describe the show to the uninitiated, without also mentioning that the leader of the team was introduced in season 1 of Doctor Who 2.0. The show is sort of an X-files type show but with the feel of a CSI/NCIS type show. I'm not too keen on some of the blatant homosexual tendancies of the lead character Capt. Jack Harkness, which are more obvious in this show than they ever were on Doctor Who. But what can you do?

The DVD of season 1 is supposed to come out in late January around the time BBC America Starts showing Season 2. That is about how they have been doing things lately here in the states with Doctor Who. The season gets shown on Sci-Fi Channel or BBC America and then almost as soon as they have finished showing it, or most of the time a month or two later, the DVD gets released of that season. The downside is the new DVDs cost between $70-$100 USD with Doctor Who being closer to the higher price until it's been out for a few months then some places drop the price down closer to the lower price. Needless to say right now I only have season one of Doctor Who on DVD, but I have seasons 2-3 recorded on VHS and Torchwood season 1 recorded on VHS both off air and with comercials blah.

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