Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gotta Call Herc! Gotta Call Herc!

In the dining receipt name game I recently got another good one, or at least a new one. If you actually read this post's title then you have the name, but not the spelling I got.

Newton and Toot from "The Mighty Hercules" cartoon (1963-66)

OH let me count the ways my name Kirk has been misheard and spelled, of course there is Curt/Kurt, Kurk, Kirt, then there is Kart, Cark, Cork, Turk, Curck (a fave from a few months back). I've even been called by my brother's name Erik once or twice from people with faulty memories or switched brain wires or just in the know of cool Scandinavian names. Erik (haven't heard Rick) does sound kind of like Kirk and oddly I do have a brother Erik. It is weird when someone who doesn't know him or even know I have a brother calls me Erik. They probably think the other spelling Eric.

I've occasionally been called Keith, Karl, Ken, Kent, or Clark (Klark). Haven't seen those in print though. A classic from years ago from a mailing list by a bank "Kirl"? WT? All I can think is they cut and pasted my name/address from another list dropped the second "k" and moved over my middle initial "L".

Getting these alternate names printed on a receipt or as the address on an envelope is another thing. Sometimes I think about keeping the things, but I think I have already recycled or tossed most of them anyway so the collection would not be complete. It has only been the most recent ones that I have even bothered making a blog post about. I'm not even sure why I've done that.

This new one was the first time I recall getting this misspelling. I think I had heard it before, there are very few that I have not "heard". It is another instant Classic...HERK! My Gawd I"m Hercules! Wow I think I'm honored to get Hercules' nickname. Hehe.

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