Saturday, July 13, 2013

Books Update: January 2013

Just cleaning out my posting queue. I'm not very likely to keep up with this junk anymore. I will occasionally mention some key interesting books I get from time to time but not every bloody one. OH great I have one other grossly outdated update in my queue. UGH.

A Very very late update, why even bother?
Well here I am trying to keep up with this and my main supply as of now is Ebay. I hardly go to the brick and mortar stores anymore especially the expensive ones. I gotta go cheap with everything. Also some of the books I'm chasing are of older vintage.

First Up to Bat: Screwball by Tug McGraw and Joseph Durso. I got this book through Ebay for $5.59 + $3.95 shipping.

By Tug McGraw and Joseph Durso

Due to being totally lazy and procrastinating on this self-administered assignment of updating books I have recently purchased the rest of the books for this month I will not list how much I got the book for. I got them all through Ebay. I'm just listing them below.

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