Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Warehouse 13 Wednesday: An End of Season Delay

This past Monday 08 July 2013, the Season 4 Finale was shown on SyFy Channel. I, however, am not ready to do my weekly review of the past episode, so I will delay my review of Episode 4.20 until next Wednesday (hopefully). I also hope to start viewing past Seasons episodes on DVD so I can build up a queue of posts to keep this feature going while the show is in it's final between seasons hiatus. UGH we have wait till Spring of 2014 for the final NEW episodes.

I just wasn't really motivated to do this week's review and also I have a few other things that prevented me from concentrating on doing it. Sorry for the postponement/delay.
The WH13 cast in Family Feud Pose

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