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Warehouse 13 Wednesday: The Truth Hurts

EPISODE 4.20 "The Truth Hurts"
Original Air Date: 08 July 2013
CLAUDIA:"He's a smart boy when he's not thinking of cookies or Boobies."

Warning: This review certainly contains spoilers

OK so this episode is the Season 4 Finale. The title might have a bit of a bite when you think that the "truth" in our world is Season 5 will only have six episodes and then that will be it for the Show, and that HURTS. Thank you oh so much SyFy Channel for cancelling this brilliant show in it's prime. I am sure as we get closer to the end of next years mini-season the truth will be hurting even more. Anyway on to the review which for some reason has been a difficult one for me to think what to write.

As I said in my review for the previous episode ("All The Time In The World") there were a few spoiler facts I was keeping under my hat. One of them was revealed a few episodes ago when the team was having their annual medical reviews. Myka was told that she has ovarian cancer and was trying to keep from telling anybody especially Pete her work partner because she was in denial. Pete has been suspecting something is up from the way she has been acting recently. He has been showing more concern for her than he previously had. Reluctantly she told him about the cancer, and agreed to get the treatment for it. Another big spoiler reveal happened at the end of the last episode involving Paracelsus. SURPRISE he is an Ex-Warehouse Caretaker. He was the caretaker for Warehouse 9. He has been gaining power and trying to gain immortality. It is his increased power and the fact that he was debronzed that has been killing Mrs. Frederic. It seems that as far as the Warehouse is concerned, the past (Paracelsus) has precedence over the present (Mrs. Frederic) or even the future (Claudia). Since Claudia is not yet a caretaker and not connected directly to the Warehouse she has not been effected by this literal power struggle.

So this episode step one is to find Paracelsus, capture him and bring him back to the Warehouse to rebronze him. Yeah like that is going to work right. After hearing about some cancer patients that were miraculously cured by some nutjob with a golden bowl and a glowing rock, Pete and Myka talk to the patients and the doctors about the miracle healing the team realizes that Paracelsus is trying to become immortal and their research shows tells them what he is going to need and where it is to achieve that since his original lab is too far away to get to in the time he has, and it was destroyed in their last encounter. Turns out there is some rare petrified wood used in the construction of a tower. They also figure out some cool way to remotely use a Farnsworth with an artifact to short out his growing connection to the warehouse. Plan is good on paper, but doesn't work when executed. Finally with some clever trap work Pete corners Paracelsus and brings him back to the warehouse. Paracelsus is all set for bronzing but it doesn't work, he was the one who created the bronzing process and knew which chemicals to ingest to protect his system. They put him in some kind of warehouse suspension holding chamber, until the regents can come and take him away.

Meanwhile Myka is at the hospital getting prepped for surgery.

While in the holding chamber Paracelsus talks with Pete about Myka's cancer telling him he could see it in her eyes, and he knows how to save her. Pete will have none of it, he won't fall for any tricks, sadly he eventually does without realizing it and thinking he was just freeing Paracelsus from the chamber Pete has actually made him stronger and strengthened his connection with the warehouse.

In order for the team to save Mrs. Frederic they need to disconnect her from the warehouse and  in a take action emergency situation Claudia transfers the connection of the warehouse from Mrs. Frederic to her. Paracelsus orders the team to get out, while he is in a rage that is tearing the warehouse apart. The team gets Mrs. Frederic out of the warehouse but Claudia must stay behind to battle Paracelsus on the inside of the warehouse and hope the rest of the team can find a way to fight him outside the warehouse.

That is now where we stand. There are some details I left out and explanations of artifacts that I felt were too difficult to explain and it all spoils too much to want to watch it.

I have said before, here I think and on many forum chat boards that I hope they don't kill off Myka (my favorite character) with this cancer thing. I really hope they find a way to save things without killing everyone. Some fans are shouting for them to introduce Warehouse 14 with Claudia as caretaker, but I think there is still time for number 13. Also where would warehouse 14 be located? Of course there are also the fans that want the romance between Pete and Myka to b created, I am against that and think it would ruin the ending and the fact that Season 5 is the final season is disappointing enough.

I give this episode 3 Warehouse artifacts ***

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