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Warehouse 13 Wednesday: Back To The Beginning

Episode Reviews
NOTE: There is no episode review in this post, it is an introduction to the episode reviews series of  posts.
In May of this year (2013) the Sci-Fi Channel, excuse me "SyFy", announced that they were pulling the plug on this, one of my favorite shows, and one of the few current shows I watch. They announced they were renewing the show for a fifth season, but it would be a very short six episode season (their usual seasons are 13 episodes, we got a bonus of a 20 episode 4th season). This right around the time they were starting to show the second half of Season 4.

In an effort to show support for the show and in a little protest for it's cancellation I started up two features here at Kirk's Knook: Warehouse 13 Wednesday (what you are reading right now) and Myka Monday. So far I've been pretty diligent in keeping up with them each week. On Mondays at 5:00 PM EST when new Episodes are being aired or earlier at 12:00 PM if no new episode is being shown I post a picture of Joanne as Myka. I will try to continue that feature even after the show is long gone. Then on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM I have posted my review of the episode that had aired that Monday complete with a few screenshots from the episode.

In order to keep that up for this feature (Warehouse 13 Wednesday) I will re-watch the episodes from the previous seasons via the DVDs*. I should be able to watch several episodes per week, review them and have a nice posting queue so that I don't miss a week or get stressed out with my self appointed deadline. It also allows for me to do reviews for other shows/DVDs in my to watch list/pile. By the time the show returns for its all too short six episode Season 5 I should be almost caught up with all the previous reviews. Any remaining episode reviews will have to wait to be posted till after the conclusion of Season 5.

My process for the reviews is pretty simple but time consuming. While watching the episode I have a pad and pen handy so I can write down any lines of dialogue that are funny or strike my fancy as being fun to quote. I also jot down any terms, names or things I think might be useful to talk about. After the episode is over, (and if I am not too tired on Monday night) I start writing the draft for my review here at Blogger. Usually I use the assistance of a few websites for references I need of either the show, the actors or some of the artifacts and their names. There is a wonderful reference site called: Warehouse 13 Wiki. It has a lot of useful information about the show. I also use for background on guest actors and a few early Tuesday Morning (or Monday evening) reviews along with a stream of the episode (for these past episodes I'll just use my DVD) to rewatch bits to help with descriptions, titles, names whatever might help me. I have also used the video streams for screen captures in case episode photos already posted are not interesting enough for me, which they usually are not. Plus I don't want to use the same 2 or 3 images everyone else has been using.

My reviews often contain spoilers, I try not to reveal too much but in the case of the last few I needed to reveal spoilers from previous episodes I wanted to keep as spoilers, but couldn't because the episode I was reviewing used the spoiler as a main plot story arc. At the end of the review I try to give a least a final thought either about something that is being foreshadowed or my general take on that episode. Finally I rate the episode on a scale of 1 to 5 "Warehouse Artifacts" (instead of stars). Unfortunately I don't have a neat little artifact graphic that would work well (maybe a wooden crate? A Tesla Gun? A Farnsworth?) so I use the standard asterisk/star * Sometimes I use half artifacts (.5) and once used a .4 since the episode was just a little bit lower than a complete half an artifact.

Once the review is "finished" for my purposes I schedule it for posting. After it has been posted I add the link to the review on my Warehouse 13 Episodes list page along with the artifact rating. So far the average rating is about 3.5 (3.49 well really 3.4875 or there about)

Don't forget to check out my "Myka Monday" posts, where each Monday (usually) I show a picture of the beautiful Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering. The challenge is to use ONLY images of her as Myka from the show, or possibly on set not candid photos or from other roles she has performed.

*The last episode of Season 3 (its Christmas episode) "The Greatest Gift" is NOT available on R1 DVDs so I will probably have to review that one from an online source, or if I ever get a R2 DVD (and a multi-region player. I had one but it died and I'm not sure if my laptop can handle other regions.) Maybe they will include that on the final Season 5 DVDs?

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