Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Website Woes

Death of Personal Domain?

Well I don't know how much longer I will/can maintain my personal website Nesredna's Knook since the domain expired near the end of May. I thought that renewing it would be easy but the company that I got the notice about the domain expiring apparently isn't the company that holds the registration info. The company that does hold it was supposedly bought by the company I got the expiration notice from. Then the "who is" website that supposedly tells you who owns a domain indicates a third company that has nothing to do with my site at all, thus has none of the information. So I was totally confused as to who I COULD send the money to and tried contacting all of them. It is odd when companies DON'T TAKE your money. Unfortunately I let the registration expire before acting on trying to transfer the dang thing. Most registration companies don't transfer expired domains. I'm trying to get it transferred to the hosting service that I used for the content of my site. Even though they normally take my Paypal money to pay for the hosting service, they don't seem to have Paypal available for ordering a registration transfer.

It is now in "redemption period" which apparently means the site has expired and can be sold to the highest bidder or something. Looks like things are screwed.

Fortunately most of my site stuff I have on floppy discs and some stuff on a thumb/flash drive. That is except for some of the graphics I think. I'm fairly sure I have most of those saved somewhere but I think most of them are on ancient floppy discs not the flash drive. I might not have all of my graphics/images saved though that would really suck.

Anyway I know some of the images I have used on this blog were hosted at my site so those are now those broken images, the white squares with a red "X" or just aplain blank space depending on which browser you are using and how they handle broken image links.