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Warehouse 13 Wednesday: All The Time In The World

EPISODE 4.19: "All The Time In The World"
Original Air Date: 01 July 2013
PETE: "We can't just go digging holes all over Istanbul."

 Warning: This review certainly contains spoilers
This episode was a fun episode but was not as exciting as some of the other Season Four episodes.  Some fans of the show already disagree with me and think the whole season stinks. I think the second half has been one of the best half seasons. I had to alter my Spoiler Warning notice slightly due to the fact that this episode continues from the previous episode "Lost & Found" and relies on that episode and a few other recent episodes for the plot and some of the guest character backgrounds and IDs. There were some facts from "Lost & Found" that I did not want to reveal in my review last week but due to their importance to this episode's main plot I am forced to reveal for this one. Please excuse me for that.

OK so to start things off with a Bang and a Boom we know from last episode that Nick (Josh Blaylock) has freed Paracelsus (Anthony Head) from the Bronze sector and that they have now bronzed Claudia. One of the facts from last episode I didn't want to spoil, but is a major plot point ***SIGH***. Using some artifact that wasn't explained Nick shows Paracelsus a Reader's Digest vision of the last few hundred years to bring him up to speed. They leave and later the team assumes that Nick has been kidnapped by Paracelsus.

Steve is first on the scene to discover Bronze Claudia and notifies Artie and the team with the disturbing news. Using a recording of a warehouse artifact a durational spectrometer to try to figure out what Nick and Paracelsus were up to. Shortly after viewing the recording, Myka notices that several artifacts are missing from the inventory. They try unsuccessfully to debronze Claudia but the Bronzing Machine isn't working. The reason Artie discovers is that the bronze statue (Stele) that powers the machine is gone. They find a note on the inside of the panel that held the bronze stele that says "Sutton knows what I want". So it is off to find Sutton (James Marsters).

Through flashbacks from a few centuries ago we learn that Paracelsus is responsible for making Nick and his parents Charlotte (Polly Walker) and Sutton immortal by using an artifact known as The Philospher's Stone (a geode). Artie and the team had found half of the stone last episode. After being made immortal the stone was cut in two by Sutton years ago and he made a ring out of some of the crystal inside that gave him the power to revive dead plants. At the bed and breakfast where they are holding Charlotte, we also learn that Paracelsus is Sutton's brother. In an odd sort of way that helps explain why he chose them for his immortality experiments. In the flashbacks he explains that he need a man, a woman and a child, to see how gender and age are affected by the process. Charlotte explains that over the centuries she and Nick have learned how difficult it is for him to be stuck in immortality at age fifteen stuck between childhood and being a man. Both Charlotte and Nick wish for him to become mortal again to end his eternal suffering of not being able to love someone naturally.

The need to debronze Claudia is made more urgent due to deterioration due to Paracelsus using the bronze stele directly and not the bronzing chamber. The team needs to save Claudia super fast. Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) tells Artie that there are some restricted files that she needs to find to help the situation, and that will explain the mystery surrounding Paracelsus. Artie and Steve notice that Mrs. F. is walking away instead of her usual vanishing act. She discovers that the files she needed were redacted. She also seems to be quickly developing dementia. Regent Mr. Kosan explains to Artie that as the caretaker of the warehouse she is "hardwired" into it and he takes him to the heart/nerve center of the warehouse where they discover a problem that is causing Mrs. F's rapid development of dementia and declining health.

Several artifacts are used to try to help stabilize Claudia until they can unbronze her which they eventually are able to do successfully. Through Mr. Kosan we learn that there is a Keeper of the warehouse who is the "living memory" of the warehouse that can access the redacted information from the files concerning Paracelsus. It turns out that the keeper is Abigail (Kelly Hu). It is through her that we discover the actual cause of Mrs. F's condition and another secret of Paracelsus that will of course be partly carried out in next week's episode which is the season finale and a big end of season cliffhanger. I'll keep some of that info under my hat until next week's review.

I give this episode 3 Warehouse artifacts ***

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